Cricket Bat/Kit Sizing

Choosing the right cricket bat size is important for proper stroke technique - especially for players developing their skills. Cricket bats/kits come in a range of sizes to suit player height and preference. The following is a recommended size guide.

Bat/Kit Size

Typical Age

Height of Player

Height of Player
(ft /inches)

Bat Length

Bat Width



up to 130cm

up to 4’3”

64cm (25 1/4”)

9cm (3 1/2”)



130cm - 137cm

4’3 -4’6”

70.5cm (27 3/4”)

9cm (3 1/2”)



137cm - 145cm


73cm (28 3/4”)

9.5cm (3 3/4”)



145cm - 150cm


75.5cm (29 3/4”)

9.5cm (3 3/4”)



150cm - 157cm


78cm (30 3/4”)

10cm (4“)



 157cm - 165cm


80.5cm (31 3/4”)

10cm (4“)

Harrow (H)


165cm - 170cm


83cm (32 3/4”)

10.5cm (4 1/6”)

'Small' Mens (SM)


170cm - 175cm


84cm (33")

10.8cm (4 1/4”)

'Standard' Short Handle (SH)


 175cm - 188cm


85cm (33 1/2”)

10.8cm (4 1/4”)

'Long' Handle/Blade (LH/LB)



over 6’2”

87cm (34 3/8”)

10.8cm (4 1/4”)

Note: if you are in-between sizes, consider getting the larger size.


Bat Weight - Senior Bats

Most Senior cricket bats from Cricket Bat Store Australia are available in a range of weights. Our online store allows you to choose the weight category - but if you have a specific weight requirement, just request it during the Checkout process in the Notes section.  

Senior Bat Weight Category Weight
(lbs and oz)
Very Light 2lb 1oz - 2lb 4oz
Light 2lb 5oz - 2lb 8oz
Medium 2lb 9oz - 2lb 12oz
Medium-Heavy 2lb 13oz - 3lb
Heavy 3lb 1oz - 3lb 4oz
Super Heavy 3lb 5oz - 3lb 9oz

The ideal weight of a bat varies from batsman to batsman, as it depends on their style of play, batting order and stroke technique. Stronger batsmen looking for boundaries tend to use heavier bats, which usually have thick edges and a big middle. Batsmen that score their runs by working the ball into gaps tend to have lighter bats.

It is also possible to add additional weight to a bat by putting on an additional grip over the handle. This can also increase comfort and playability.

Bat Weight - Junior Bats

Junior cricket bats are typically weighted as follows:

Junior Bat Size Weight
(lbs and oz)
Size 4 1lb 9oz - 2lb
Size 5 2lb - 2lb 3oz
Size 6 2lb - 2lb 4oz
Harrow 2lb 4oz - 2lb 6oz


Cricket Bat Care

All cricket bats require further knocking in and oiling (including those sold with some knocking in already completed), and also need some soft nets play with an OLD ball BEFORE they are used in a match. This will help maintain your bat. Failure to do so will shorten the life of the bat, and it is easy to determine if damage is due to incorrect preparation, knocking in, or maintenance. 

We HIGHLY recommend the use of an anti-scuff sheet (e.g. Extratec) on your bat. These sheets are the BEST protection for face and edges of a cricket bat. Bat problems are considerably reduced when an anti-scuff sheet is used, and the absense of an anti-scuff sheet is a major cause to damage to the bat face. Professional first class and Test cricketers widely use anti-scuff sheets. We provide an anti-scuff sheet with every bat, because they reduce the incident of cracks and splits, and also increase bat life.